Poo-Pourri is different!

Other bathroom deodorizers fail because they try to mask embarrassing toilet odor too late with fumes already in the air. Poo-Pourri succeeds because it prevents bad odor before it occurs.
By spraying directly on the water in the toilet first, Poo-Pourri goes to work before you do, forming a clear barrier on the water surface, trapping odor underneath so there is never any embarrassing odor to smell. Ingenious isn’t it?

But wait, there’s more: Poo-Pourri is all natural, chemical free, safe for the environment and never tested on animals.
Available in convenient sizes for your pocket, purse, home and office, Poo-Pourri’s essential oils, based on aromatherapy, are soothing and smell great. Oh yeah, and it’s the only product in the world that actually prevents the smell of poop! So it’s not just a clever name! Sure, everybody does it, but now with Poo-Pourri, no one has to know about it.

"Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know!"

Poo-Pourri Showcase

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Poo-Pourri Commercial

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Bahamas Bridal Show 2012

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VIDEO: Avoid the Bathroom Battle

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Rave Reviews for Poo-Pourri

“It really works!”
Daily Candy

“What’s fun about this is that it makes kind of a funny/irreverent gift …but it actually works!”
The Pioneer Woman

“After I flushed, a pleasant lemony scent filled the stall.” – Glamour.com

“Mix together a clever name for an embarrassing problem then come up with a real solution and you’ve got Poo-Pourri.”
– BeautyNewsNYC

“Poo-Pourri spray indeed vanquished more odors than your normal bathroom spray.”
Chicago Tribune

“With Poo-Pourri, no one ever needs to know what really happens once you close the bathroom door. With this little secret weapon in your purse, you can avoid embarrassing moments and remain forever a lady.”
La Cosmopolitana Magazine

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On “Good Day Sacramento”

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Award Winning Poo-Pourri Original (Photo Gallery)

Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know! This blend of 9 Essential Oils such as Bergamot, Lemongrass and Grapefruit creates a protective film on the surface of the water effectively eliminating any odor before it even begins!

What Our Customers Are Saying!

Please see testimonies below. Permission has been granted to use them on the site.

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Khalin, CIBC Mall at Marathon

“Sometimes I walk into the restroom at work and its like ooohh!!! Poo-Pourri is a life saver!”

- Khalin CIBC Mall at Marathon
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Ms. Minnis

“Poo-Pourri really works!!  In fact I wanted to sit for a while!”

- Ms Minnis

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Larissa – Shoe Village

“I love the fact that when I go to the bathroom my boyfriend can walk in right after and doesn’t smell a thing!  Now I have him hooked on it too!”

- Larissa, Shoe Village – Harbor Bay Shopping Center

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Shan (Poo-Pourri customer)

“Poo-Pourri completely changed my bathroom experience and I Love it! I came out smelling like a rose!”

Shan (Poo-Pourri Customer)

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Geoffrey Jones & Co. Ltd.

I love Poo-Pourri because..”it really works!”

Geoffrey Jones & Co. LTD

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K.G.K Turnqest

“[Poo-Pourri] gives the ultimate bathroom experience in a convenient and intimate way.”

- K.G.K Turnqest

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Carlos Rolle, Yacht Captain

“I heard about this product and finally was introduced to it.. I tried it on the yacht and it worked wonders for those bad bathroom smells……I think all boats which have bathrooms shouldn’t be without POO-POURRI……I LOVE IT!”

Mr. Carlos Rolle, Yacht Captain
Slumber Venture
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“Man I thought bout dat product today. I use this gal bathroom and she didn’t have no vents. I was like, I could use that portable spray right nah!”

- DK

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Utopia, Roberts Furniture

“When I used poo-pourri for the first time I was a little afraid it would  not work, but after trying it out,I must say it really works.”

- Utopia, Roberts Furniture, Nassau, Bahamas


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Rochelle, Roberts Furniture

“Its awesome. I love it , It works well.”

- Rochelle, Roberts Furniture, Nassau, Bahamas


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Aretha, Sunshine Florists

“I was on a 40ft boat this weekend with 2 guys, usually when we use the restroom the entire boat smells, I’m a skeptical person but  we used poo-pourri on the boat and it really works. I love the product.”

- Aretha, Sunshine Florists, Nassau, Bahamas


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Monique, Diamonds International

“I am spreading the word; a great product second to none!”

- Monique, Diamonds International


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Poo-Pourri?

What is Poo-Pourri?

Poo-Pourri is the personal deodorizer that lets you use the toilet without leaving any embarrassing odor behind. Available in a variety of sizes for your pocket, purse, home and office, Poo-Pourri works wonders by completely blocking and replacing unpleasant bathroom odor with wonderful all-natural fragrances of bergamot, lemongrass and grapefruit.

What makes Poo-Pourri so special?
Poo-Pourri eliminates odor before it occurs, making it ideal for use at home, at work, on a date, at a friends house, at a party, while traveling, on planes, boats and anywhere you have to use a shared bathroom. Your friends, family, co-workers, and significant others will be completely amazed that they can never tell when you use the bathroom and at the wonderful fragrance that’s left behind.

How do you use Poo-Pourri?
Before using the toilet, simply spray Poo-Pourri a few times on the water in the bowl to instantly activate its all-natural odor fighting formula.

How does Poo-Pourri work?
Poo-Pourri forms a clear barrier on the water surface that instantly covers and traps odor below. At the same time the fragrance of all-natural essential oils gently escapes into the air, releasing a wonderful spa-­like aroma of lemongrass, bergamot and grapefruit.

Why do people love Poo-Pourri?
People care about personal hygiene and are embarrassed by the odor normally left behind after using the bathroom. Poo-Pourri solves this problem by eliminating odor before it occurs so you can use the toilet, but no one will ever know you did. Poo-Pourri comes in a variety of sizes to fit in your pocket, purse, home or office. It is all-natural, chemical free, safe for the environment and septic tanks and never tested on animals. Poo-pourri leaves a wonderful aromatic scent behind, but most of all people love Poo-Pourri because it just works!

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What makes Poo-Pourri so unique?

The Results:
Poo-Pourri Works! And works unbelievably well! It is the only personal deodorizer that will actually prevent bathroom odor before it occurs. More than anything, customers love Poo-Pourri and constantly talk to their friends about it because it just works! They are always blown away when they see how well it work! And did we mention how absolutely wonderful it smells?

The Approach:
Unlike all other bathroom deodorizers which try to fight odors after it is airborn, Poo-Pourri is a prevention based deodorizer that you spritz on the water before you use the toilet, trapping odor before it occurs.

The Portability:
Poo-Pourri comes in a variety of sizes from pocket size, to purse size, from family size to office size to make sure you can carry it with you and that you are protected at all times.  Poo-Pourri saves you from embarrassing moments at work, at home, while visiting a friend’s house or attending a party, Poo-Pourri always has you covered.

The Ingredients:
Unlike other bathroom deodorizers, Poo-Pourri is 100% all natural and is made of 9 essential botanical oils mixed using our patent pending formula. Poo-Pourri is completely free of chemicals and gets its lovely scents from the plant oils used to make it.

Safe for you:
Unlike other bathroom deodorizers, All natural Poo-Pourri is completely safe to use and to breathe. This is especially important for kids and women as they are particularly exposed to harsh chemicals when using the toilet. Poo-Pourri prevents this
and protects you.

Safe for your toilet:
Poo-Pourri is proven safe for toilets and septic systems. Poo-Pourri is 100% all natural and biodegradable. A little known fact about essential oils is that they are not “oily” at all. “oil” is just the biological term used for all plant juice extracts which are in fact much like water and completely chemical free.

Safe for the environment:
Poo-Pourri is only made from all natural oils like bergamot, lemongrass and grapefruit. We love nature and our environment so Poo-Pourri is free of man-made chemicals found in other deodorizers and is never tested
on animals.

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Where can I buy Poo-Pourri?

Congratulations, to join the millions of happy Poo-Pourr customers, click here to find out where to buy Poo-Pourri.

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How do I become a reseller / sell Poo-Pourri in my store?

Congratulations, your customers will hug you for changing their life! Click here to find out how to become a Poo-Pourri reseller.

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About P.R. West Wholesale Distributors

P. R. West Wholesale Distributors is the exclusive distributor of Poo-Pourri in more than 33 countries throughout the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico.  Our authorized agents are ready to assist you with any questions you may have and to help you get Poo-Pourri in your home and stores. Visit us here to learn more.

Where To Buy

can be found in a variety of outlets from large retail super centers, to small corner stores, wherever fine products are sold. Here is a list of Retail Partners that carry our products.  Check back often as we are always adding new stores.


Authorized Resellers

Windermere Day Spa and Salon
Harbour Bay Shopping Center
(242) 393 0033

Kelly’s Home Centre

Mall at Marathon

Baha-Retreat Anti-Aging Spa
East Bay St

Smitty’s Pharmacy
Madiera Plaza Palmdale

Exquisite Cutz
beauty salon & spa
111A SouthWest Plaza
Carmichael Rd.
PH: 242-361-2891
(next to Fashion Hall)

National Plumbing Supplies
Jerome Ave

D&D Divine Scents
Marathon Mall, Marathon Rd
(Opposite Shayne’s Dept Store)

Multi Discount Furniture
& Appliances
Montrose Ave & Monfort St

Solomon’s SuperCenter
Old Trail Rd P O Box N 3218

Authorized Agents

Brigitte Neely
Authorized Agent

Faye Braynen
Authorized Agent

Yvonne Williams
Authorized Agent


List of Authorized Resellers and Agents coming soon!

Click here to become one.


Become a Reseller

Interested in becoming a reseller of Poo-Pourri? Your customers will hug you for changing their life!
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